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The Life of Diana

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13th July 2006

10:13pm: Warning...Rant Ahead... I hate Thieves..
So, I've been away from my 2nd job for the past few days.  I go in tonight to find out that 2 hours after I left on Saturday a woman stole 6, yes 6 Coach handbags.  Of course they were our big expensive bags, I estimate nearly 3000 dollars.   It gets worse.  This is the 3rd time she has stolen bags.  The managers, Loss Prevention and I have tried to tell the other associates including those in our adjacent areas to keep an eye out, but they really don't pay much attention.  The worst part is the woman continued shopping, actually trying to return some clothing.  We have her on video, so if she steps foot in our store again, bitch is going down.   The scary part though, is she has a weapon, as to steal the bags she takes a wire cutter to the cables by which the bags are locked down.

Argh.  Oh and then tonight, two men robbed the Zales jewelry store next door to us.  People really suck sometimes.

On the bright side, at least we finally received our new shipment of Coach.

11th May 2006

1:03pm: A New Job for a Rejected Idol?


 According to TMZ.com, a Major band will offer newly booted AI finalist Chris Daughtry a job as lead singer.  The obvious choice is Fuel, but a couple of blogs have their own ideas.  Defamer thinks it will be Sugar Ray, while DListed speculates it could be Live.  My vote is for Fuel.  As long as it's not Creed.

31st December 2005


30th December 2005

11:48pm: Celebrities on the Sidelines

This is my first attempt at a post, so be kind.

Celebrities as we know like to be associated with anything cool, and right now in LA the coolest thing around is USC Football. Why college football you ask? Well, because the LA Lakers are kinda sucky, the Clippers are just now starting not to suck, and there is NO NFL. The sidelines at USC games have become just like courtside seats for the Lakers.  Heck, Jack Nicholson was spotted at a game recently.  Personally, I have met Nick Lachey (who brought Cacee) and Henry Winkler on the sidelines and I saw Michael Clark Duncan in the stands once.  That's not even counting that the players, especially Matt Leinart have become celebrities in their own right.  It's gotten so bad, I have heard rumors that Brittany has been bugging people for tickets to the Rose Bowl, and the article that follows lists a few people who will actually be at the Rose Bowl this year.

Click for the articleCollapse )

27th December 2005

11:36am: Day after X-Mas Retail Drama
So, at my store Dec 26th is the busiest day of the year. I only worked a half day. About 5 minutes after I arrive, as I'm ringing up a customer, I begin to hear shouting. Apparently, some customers were yelling at one of our Seasonals. This was behind our watch counter, so there was no way for the customers to get in, although they were threatening bodily harm. Our managers ran to the scene and broke it up before any punches were thrown, but it was kinda scary.

Stupid return lady.
Phone call:
Me: Rob May, WLA Coach, this Me...
SLR: I was checking if you had a product.
Me: OK
SLR: Do you sell Coach...
Me: *uh duh see greeting* Yes.
SLR: Do you sell Authentic coach?
Me: *actually laughing* Yes, of course we do.
SLR: I received a bag as a present, and was checking if it's your merch. It was in a RobMay box. Do you wrap your handles in plastic?
Me: They come in plastic, but we usually remove it.
SLR: Can you check the price?
At that point I put her on hold. She hung up before I could get back to her.

About an hour later. Another SA showed me a bag someone was trying to return. A horrible FAKE Coach. I laughed, and the Manager just told her not to take the return and call LP. It was SLR, and she was lucky I wasn't doing the return, cause I would have laughed in her face.

18th November 2005

4:53pm: Fun with Phones...
I work for a large Private university in Los Angeles, with a pretty good Football team ;)

Me: ____ University Housing this is ME how can I help you?

Dumb person: I live in Columbia Hall and want to reassign.

Me: I think you want the University of South Carolina.

Me: Cheery Greeting.
DP: I want to post a roommate wanted listing.
Me: We do not take those types of listings, but you can place an ad in the campus newspaper.
DP: My friend told me there was an office on Sunset.
Me: I think you want UCLA. (uggh bruins).

Me: Cheery Greeting... Can you please hold?
DP: Well, I'm calling long distance.
Me: (noticing the person is calling the 1-800 number) You are calling the 800 line.
DP: Oh, then put me on hold.
Current Mood: annoyed

5th October 2005

10:33am: Why I hate LA News.
Last night the Channel 4 news led off with the dramatic story of Lindsay Lohan getting into a car accident. They even had a live update from the scene. Ugghhh!!! As if there are not more important things to report on, than Lindsay Lohan.

Oh, and as a reminder of the suckage that is NBC News check out this link:


Ahh, Chuck Henry.
Current Mood: aggravated

30th September 2005

11:52am: Check out the front page of the LA Times...
So the headline states: Roberts is sworn in as Chief Justice.

The picture, a wide shot of the smoke from the big wildfire in Chatsworth.


28th September 2005

12:47pm: This makes me sick...
I feel the need to vomit when I think that my hard earned money is going to fund these types of programs.


These people are lying to these kids and they are compromising their health. Ugghh.
Current Mood: amused
10:54am: USC Football
Here is a great article I found.

Andrew Bagnato
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 28, 2005 12:00 AM


If you care anything about college football, it's hard not to be impressed when you walk into Heritage Hall.

How many trophy cases have elevators? advertisement

On Tuesday, a visitor gawked at the glass cases displaying the cardinal-and-gold jerseys of Southern California's first five Heisman Trophy winners - Mike Garrett, O.J. Simpson, Charles White, Marcus Allen and Carson Palmer.

"When is Matt Leinart's jersey going to be installed?" the visitor asked a USC official.

"When he's done wearing it," the official replied.

Arrogance and achievement: USC is heavy on both counts. And it makes it easy to loathe the Trojans, winners of 25 consecutive games and back-to-back national titles, and their smug, latte-sipping followers.

But step back for a moment and answer this question: Is USC's dynasty a good thing for college football?

We ask because (a) you don't want to read another column about Reggie Bush; and (b) it has become a hot topic across Car Flag Nation.

"They're the best team I've ever seen," Arkansas defensive coordinator Reggie Herring said after the Trojans buried the Hogs 70-17 in the Los Angeles Coliseum two weeks ago. "They need to hurry up and graduate, because if they don't, they're going to ruin college football."

I beg to differ. The Trojans are doing the sport a favor.

They've turned every week of the regular season into an event.

Would Arizona State be preparing for a sellout this weekend if USC weren't ranked atop every poll from here to Pluto? In 2000, the 3-5 Trojans visited Sun Devil Stadium. Total attendance: 49,865.

ESPN's GameDay crew would not be pitching their tent in Tempe this weekend if Stanford was on the docket.

Some have wondered whether the Trojans' rise has diminished the rest of the Pac-10. Don't believe it for a minute. Who would you rather have as your BCS representative - USC or Pitt, which conquered the mighty Big East last year?

Parity is fun. But college football needs an occasional monster team to keep us on the edge of our seats.

In the 1940s, Army was the monster. In the 1950s, it was Oklahoma. Over the years Alabama, Texas and Notre Dame, to name a few, have all assumed the role.

In the 1980s, Miami inspired fear and loathing everywhere it went. But every Penn State fan of a certain age can tell you where he was the night the Nittany Lions throttled Vinny Testaverde and the 'Canes in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl.

Nebraska was the monster of the 1990s. I remember where I was the night the Sun Devils brought down the mighty Cornhuskers in 1996 - holed up in a hotel room in Knoxville after covering a University of Tennessee game. The phone rang.

"Did you hear the score?" the voice on the other end shouted.

I didn't have to say, "What score?" My friend's tone said it all: Another monster slain.

Someday, Troy will come tumbling down, and good luck getting a cellphone signal in that stadium on that night.

This doesn't happen in the NFL, where mediocrity reigns and the regular season is diminished every time a 9-7 team slithers into the playoffs. It doesn't matter that the defending two-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots already have lost a game. New England loses a couple of times every year.

Parity has been good in college - Wisconsin and Virginia Tech as we know them wouldn't exist without it - but the sport needs a monster.

At the moment, USC is the monster. Hide the children. It's coming to town Saturday.

27th September 2005

1:54pm: My first post...
So, I have finally opened a Live Journal. I have no clue, what I'm going to do with it. Probably just post my wonderful musings on the general public. I have two jobs that deal with the GP and my oh my they are dumb.
Current Mood: excited
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